How to play “Threshold” on Korg MS2000

“Threshold” is the introduction to “Jet Airliner” by the Steve Miller band. This is a single-take demonstration with no overdubs. The sound is modified from the Korg MS2000 preset H04. The attack and release time were increased. The pitch bend was also increased to plus and minus 2 whole steps. The split point was lowered to the bottom of the keyboard’s range, effectively removing the left-hand patch. Echo was added to give the notes some additional sustain and most importantly to allow me to “unbend” the pitch wheel in preparation for the next note without affecting the previous one. The oscillators are set at an interval of one octave plus two steps. The first bend is from A sharp (with a secondary tone of a higher D) down to F sharp (2 steps). The second is a one-and-a-half step bend down from C sharp; note that the 1st (lower) oscillator is turned down before this begins and comes up gradually.The third is down one-and-a-half steps from G sharp; and the final is up two steps from F sharp to A sharp. With a couple of overdubs, this will come pretty close to the sound on the record.

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