In Memory of Mike Ruppert

Today I was saddened to learn of Mike Ruppert’s suicide in April of this year. It is hard for me to overstate Mike’s influence on my philosophy of politics and crime. I was a subscriber to Mike’s From the Wilderness newsletter and once took my wife to hear him lecture in Portland. With his permission, I included two of his articles in my 2002 anthology, It’s the Economy, Stupid: The Impact of the Illicit Drug Trade on the American Political Process. A central question of that e-book was whether the black market in illegal drugs was large enough to trump all other issues in the making and unmaking of American presidents.

I could call those my “sophomore” years; I was wise enough to have lost my Boy Scout naivete regarding the essential rightness of all things American, yet still foolish enough not to understand that an unverifiable story told with meticulous detail and passionate sincerity does not necessarily deserve credibility, even though it may otherwise agree with understood fact. This is a lesson I would begin to learn only a couple of years later, as I have written elsewhere in this blog.

I am deeply sorry for the pain of Mike’s life which has become yet clearer in his death. Mike may have given us little in the way of exclusive information, and may have misled us with falsehood resulting from delusion, but his efforts made me see a greater significance in what I had learned from other sources, and for that, I honor his memory.

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