Bottle of Bits


Relativity and The Double-Slit Experiment

I had a very interesting thought last week regarding a well-known experiment which demonstrates the wave- and particle-like properties of light. Science fans will already be familiar with the somewhat mysterious dual nature of light,...


Veteran’s Day thoughts

I went to my daughter’s Veterans Day school assembly on Friday. The theme was, “What do you think about when you hear the word ‘veteran’?” The students’ written responses to this question were read aloud...


The Wreckless Spenders at Draft Pic’s (3 tracks)

Performed by the Wreckless Spenders at Draft Pic’s Sports Bar and Grill, Mount Vernon, WA, 2013. Steve Adams, drums; Rick Simcock, bass; Margaret Wilder, keyboards; Larry Anderson, guitar; Staci Pulver, vocals (Jet Airliner) and tambourine...